Recitals 2022-23

School Year Recitals

Elite Piano Academy Students Recital
Each year, the Elite Piano Academy offers every student the opportunities of three recitals and a masterclass before each recital. We believe that these activities are important as part of the overall music education. And we proudly present here our students' progress and achievement at the end of every semester.
(Fall Semester)

December 10, 2022, at 2:00 pm

Falls Church Presbyterian Church
225 E. Broad St
Falls Church, VA 22046

1-John Matthei : “A B C D” (melody from a variation by W. A. Mozart)
2-Michael Han : Theme from the Ninth Symphony by L. van Beethoven & “Allegro” by S. Suzuki
3-Nathan Luo : “Go Tell Aunt Rhody”
4-Ainan Zhang : “Happy Birthday Mom!” & “Lightly Row”
5-Charles Matthei : Sonatina in G by T. Attwood & “German Dance” in G WoO 42, No. 6 by L. van
6-Reilly Pelaez : “French Children’s Song” & “Little Playmates” by F. X. Chwatal
7-Adelyn Han : Sonatina in G by T. Latour & “A Short Story” by H. Liechner
8-Barry Wang : Sonatina in C Op. 36, No. 1 by M. Clementi & Sonatina in G by L. van Beethoven
9-Liva Bunting : “Melodic Tune” Op. 218, No. 20 by L. Kohler & “Anyone Home?” Op. 117, No. 8 by
C. Gurlitt
10-Yion Oh : Minuet in G BWV Anh 116 by J. S. Bach & Sonatina in C by T. Haslinger
11-Reva Nabar : “Dolls Dream” by T. Oesten
12-Andrew Pelaez : Sonatina in C by T. Latour & “Arabesque” Op. 100, No. 2 by J. Burgmuller
13-Kayla Gu : Waltz in C by A. Diabelli & “Ecossaise” WoO 23 by L. van Beethoven
14-Skyler Hiu : “Frolicking” Op. 70, No. 23 by H. Berens
15-Aidan Chen : “La Paloma” by S. Yradier
16-Lazuli Bunting : “Menuet en Rondeau” by J. P. Rameau
17-Andrew Zhu : Sonatina in C Op. 36, No. 3 by M. Clementine
18-Troy Le : Sonatina in C Op. 39, No. 3 by F. Lynes & “Angels’ Voices” Op. 100, No. 21 by J.
19-Gavin Zhang : “Staccato to Beans” Op. 1, No. 2. “Floating Cloud” Op. 1, No. 7 from “Eight
Memories in Watercolor” by T. Dun & Polonaise in A-flat by F. Chopin (Posthumous)
20-Annabel Kremin : “Serenade” by F. Schubert & “Gavotte” by F. Gossec
21-Mihir Nabar : Rondo by W. A. Mozart
22-Kate LeBlanc : Sonata in C K. 545 (1st Mvt.) by W. A. Mozart
23-Austin Chen : “Thine Own” by G. Lange
24-Benjamin Hiu : Waltz in a by F. Chopin (Posthumous)
25-Laraib Haidar : “Flower Song” by G. Lange
26-Brendan Li : Nocturne in D-flat Op. 27, No. 2 by F. Chopin
27-Mrs. Asha Matthei : Waltz in A-flat Op. 69, No. 1 by F. Chopin (Posthumous)

If you are interested in knowing more about our classes or having any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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