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With great passion for classical music and the mastery of piano performance, the Elite Piano Academy and it's Music Director Miss Hyun-Mi Chung are dedicated to inspiring every student to discover the magic of music in their heart and through their practice!

"I am delighted to have an opportunity to help enthusiastic and ardent young students who are eager to learn in the Northern Virginia and the Greater D.C. area."

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Please click here to enjoy a selection of Miss Chung's favorite petite pieces (from her discography CD #5) at the director page >>>

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

“I love music so much, that I always want to see my students enjoy music,” …. “If they want to learn, then I can teach them, whether I have to explain something one time or 20 times. When I have 50 students, I have 50 different methods of teaching, because everyone learns differently and at their own pace,”

Summer Session

5/27/2024 - 7/14/2024

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