Preparation for the Recitals

From our Director, Miss Hyun-Mi Chung to our dear parents and students:

You are cordially invited to the Elite Piano Academy students' recital. So are your families and friends. Please support our students with the best preparation for this important occasion.

Please help our students with the following directions:

Proper attire is required for young performers.

  • A young lady should wear a dress and shoes
  • A young gentleman should wear a jacket and tie with shoes.

A clean handkerchief should be carried with a performer to the stage.  (Just in case he or she needs it.)

Make sure he or she has enough sleep the night before the concert.

Have him or her have the usual food the day before the concert.  (Do not try different foods to congratulate the occasion.)

Do not have him or her play with toys that need excessive use of hands or twisting of wrists.

Try to have him or her to have a normal day with a little bit more peace.

Leave him or her alone for a while to review the music for preparation for the concert.

Calm him or her down should he or she be unusually nervous.

Give him or her a word of encouragement.  For example: “We are very proud of you that you worked very hard to be able to perform at this recital”.

Please arrive at the Concert Hall 15 minutes before the concert starts.  

*If possible, treat your child for an ice cream sundae after the recital, appreciating his or her hard word during the last several weeks preparing the pieces for the recital.

Thank you so much!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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