The Elite Piano Academy offers different classes according to the student’s age and abilities. Please see the list below to find the best class/tuition options for you!

Tuition Schedule

There is a short 7-week Summer Session when students can focus developing their reading skill, more sufficient technique, or study some theory besides learning new pieces.

Summer session
(5/27/24-7/14/24 = 7 weeks)
Spring Semester
(1/15/24-5/26/24 = 17 weeks)

We accept any level and age. Please check out our classes and calendar.  We provide every student two recitals each year.  And prior to the recitals, there will be free master classes offered to enhance and enrich our students’ experiences.  Students may register at any time of the year. Please call:

(202) 674-0499

In addition to the scheduled private lessons, one masterclass and one recital for each semester/session are included in the tuition.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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Music Director
Hyun-Mi Chung